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Some call our store Alladins Cave

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We started off by selling from a small table where Shanis mother gave healing. Slowly the table grew. When we took over most of the house and people were coming at all hours we decided to move out. We found a long narrow store in a central area in Ramat Gan, near Tel Aviv. We moved and expanded the store in the same location 4 times. In September 2011 we finally moved to a new store in the Diamond exchange district.

In The new store we have a huge beautiful display that makes people smile…People come from the whole country to see and experience the Crystals.

We have a special room with specimens and stones for setting (Facet, cabochons, facet beads), A beautiful salt room where Orna, a talented jeweler makes design rings, pendants and earrings for people who choose their stone in the special room or from the general selection of rough or tumbled stones.

We have a rest corner and coffee or tea for those who spend time and need a break.

You are welcome to come and explore when in Israel. we are authorized for tuorist tax refunds.   

We are on the border of Tel Aviv



17 Aba Hilel St Ramat Gan. Private parking is tight | Phone: 03-5784506 | Email: