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The History of StoneAge

When I discovered the incredible mineral kingdom in 1989, I was attracted to the beauty of the Crystals. I had no knowladge about any of the metaphisycal effects

We began buying and selling small amounts of Crystals to people who took part in a meditation group, at a time when most people in Israel had not even heard of meditation. The "New Age” had not yet fully arrived and most people had never heard of, or seen a Crystal. Those that we reached started asking for more information and this lead me to investigate the aspects of Crystals, at first from exciting books and thereafter from my own experience and intuition.

We first published a small booklet in Hebrew. A few years later, at the request of many people, we added much more information as well as high quality photographs of all the Crystals and published "The Secrets Of Crystals” in Hebrew and in English. Most of the information on this site is taken from this book.

As the interest in Crystals grew, we began finding more and more different kinds of stones worldwide. Today, more then 20 years later, we import Crystals from many different sources, which make for a huge and unique selection.

The StoneAge store has 350 square meters of beautifully displayed minerals containing hundreds of different kinds of Crystals. People visit the shop from all over the country and spend hours wandering around, like in a museum. They say that the place makes them feel peaceful and good. Lots of tourists from many countries visit our store when they are in Israel.

Adam and Shani (Charney) Toder married in 1990. Parents to Tamir and Dana. 

Both served in the IDF. Adam has a GG degree from the US GIA institute. Shani has a BA in sociology and anthropology, Tel Aviv University. Also studied graphic art and photography.

Adam is the manager and buyer. Travels the world to buy the best direct from the source.
Adam has established connections in South Africa where he buys Stichtite and green Chalcedony, Tiger Eye and more rough direct from the mine. The rough is sold by containers to companies all over the world. Adam gets some polished as beads, cabochons and sculptures sold at the Tucson gem show and other shows in China.

Shani is responsible for this site, for advertising  consultations and is working on a new unique book expected to be published in 2014. Shani paints with inspiration of the Crystals.

 Shani at a wedding of colleagues in India

Adam at the Tigers Eye mine. South Africa


17 Aba Hilel St Ramat Gan. Private parking is tight | Phone: 03-5784506 | Email: