What are Crystals?
A crystal is any stone, which is formed by an inner accurate defined structure meaning a strict order of the smallest components in a geometric crystal lattice. Exceptions are Coral, Amber and Pearls that originated in the fauna and flora And Obsidian, Moldavite and Tektite are natural glass. All crystals are a combination of minerals - the same minerals that compose our food and bodies (just in a different form). Crystals are formed in the depth of the earth in very slow accurate proses: And that is the source of their power.
What are Crystals used for?
Crystals are used for a variety of functions: For beauty, as part of jewelry, as decorative items and as part of art work and interior design. Throw-out history Crystals were used for healing, for protection and as symbols for different purposes. In the past 30 years, the awareness to the wonders of Crystals is growing daily. Every day, there are more people who discover the magic of the power the Crystals hold within. The awareness to the use for physical and emotional balance is growing daily.
Why or how do the Crystals have an effect on us?
All the crystals excluding Amber, Coral, Pearls, Obsidian, Tektite and some of the fossils, are a crystallization of minerals that were created by very great heat and pressure inside the molten body of the earth and by the minerals which were in the vicinity. The same minerals we get in our food and those used by pharmaceutical companies to create medicines. The formation of crystals is very slow. They crystallize, cell after cell in a defined structure, accurate and clear. This formation requires large amounts of energy that the crystal accumulates. This is the origin of the energy in the crystal. Due to this, Quartz is used in simple and high technology for its ability to transform as well as balance frequency’s and energy. The effect of the crystals is due to the inner formation which is accurate and tight and verifies according to the combination of the general shape of the Crystal, its color and mineral combination (which if often also the cause of the color), the hardness and general outer layer. The emission of energy from Quartz has been documented in photographs as resembling a white light coming out from the center. The energy emanating out of Quartz and other crystals, is clear and integrates with the human aura, this being its contribution to the healing process. If for instance, A Crystal is composed of Lithium, it will have an effect of calming thoughts – like medicines made of Lithium, and therefore will ease sleep and fears (Since fears are actually thought and stories we tell ourselves). The Crystal itself, dose not bring Love, abundance, self-esteem or physical healing: The Crystal balances what’s needed and then the change comes from within. For instants, if we are looking for love: The right crystal will chance what we "show out ” in the connection of Love. It will help reflect openness to love – and that is what will attract Love to our life. Same for abundance of anything else.
Do I need to believe in a crystal in order for it to have an effect?
No need to believe, just to be open minded and accept. The Crystals have an effect on us thanks to the way they were formed. The undutiful effect on Children and animals, as well as people who did not know that the Crystals they are wearing, have an effect, are the proof that they actually work.
How do I choose a crystal?
Intuition, Intuition and Intuition. Choosing a Crystal should be simple. The best is to flow with your heart.  No thinking or reading. Why? When you allow yourself to flow with your heart, you will be attracted to the Crystal that is right for you today. Your choice will probably change, the next time you meet Crystals Different people, with the same propose., will be attracted to different Crystals because the cause or Source for the imbalance, feeling or pain are different: For instance, Amethyst eases headaches for many, probably because the Couse is the stress of every day life. Yet if the headache is caused by the eyes, the neck, ears or anything else - Amethyst will not ease the pain because its not connected to the cause. When you choose by intuition, you will be attracted to the kind that's connected to the cause of the pain. Same for emotional, self esteem etc. Different people, will be attracted to the same Crystal for different reasons: For example, some will be attracted to Fluorite because of the inner peace they need, some for the focusing properties and others because they have teeth issues.
Can I combine a few different Crystals?
You may carry a few different Crystals together, but if it does not feel right you should separate them. Some combinations may be very good for some people but not for others. Any combination may feel good today but not right in a different day. Listen to your intuition. Look at your combination, if it looks right to you, then keep them together. If for whatever reason one or more of the crystals do not seem right - separate them, even if you think you need the qualities of all the crystals you have. Some people always keep the same crystal or crystals, while others change the crystals according to the needs or desires of each day (examinations, important meetings, court cases, pain, etc) or according to intuition. Many people who own a number of crystals simply look at their collection every day and choose the one that “speaks” to them at that moment.
Can I Get Crystals for other people?
Giving a crystal to someone else, is a gift of love and mostly very welcomed. When you buy a crystal for another, think about that person and listen to your intuition or choose the kind of crystal according to the needs (which you know about) of the person you are buying it for. You might buy a Crystal for yourself and then feel you should give it to some else. It might be a person you know or someone you just met and maybe, will never see again: Flow with what you feel. That Crystal is meant for the other person and are simply the “messenger”. Those who receive crystals as gifts often say it’s the most original gift they have ever received and are usually touched by the thought that went into buying the gift. An included note with explanations always adds to that feeling. This is because it’s a gift with deep meaning: You wish a person something good, and that is what excites people. People who have given crystals as gifts at different events such as a new house, new office, job, wedding, birthday etc., have returned to tell me about the great success of the gift. Many people buy inexpensive tumble stones to give to friends, students, colleagues or clients. They always tell how excited people were to receive the gift even though it cost only a dollar, the thought and the idea usually excite people. Many people find themselves giving away their own Crystals. They often buy more than they need knowing that they will be giving most of them away. It’s a gift that people appreciate and remember.
How do I use Crystals?
The effect of a Crystals on us is due to the balancing of our energies. Therefore it is important to keep our Crystals as near as possible: Best if wearing as Jewelry or keeping In our pocket. You may also place the right Crystal in a bandage on a wounded place or stick to the body with a plaster were you feel pain. Keeping Crystals under our pillow is a great way to enjoy their effect: The Crystal is near us for many hours, effecting the needed balance that may remain also when we are away for the pillow. Also, when we are asleep, our awareness is higher so we accept the energy better. Recommended is also to place Crystal near you, at home, at work of in your clinic, and hold one or more when you feel its need or simply right. Placing larger Crystals in our space (at home, at work, in the clinic) will provide a general good atmosphere. My basic general recommendation for our space – the “leading 5” are: Black Tourmaline for protection. Quartz for purification. Citrine for abundance. Amethyst for harmony and inner strength and Rosequartz for Love. For inner peace and harmony you may want to add Celestite.
Do I need to purify my crystals and how do I ?
The Crystals have traveled a long way until they finally came into our possession. They sometimes will have passed through many hands, meaning they may have been affected by many kinds of energy, some positive, some might be negative or simply not right for us. Since the crystal may absorb some of that energy it is recommended to purify the crystals before using them. But, not necessarily! If you bought your crystal from A place with energies you felt good with, or reserved them from someone with a positive thought of helping you, then no need to purify. Also, no reason to “set a time” to purify. Just do it if and when you feel the need. Just as a crystal may absorb energies that are not right for us, they may also absorb wonderful energies while we have a pleasant experience or interact with someone we feel great with. Here are some popular methods: - Hold your crystal under running water. Natural waterfalls or rain are recommended. This method is not recommended to use on Crystals that contain metals such as Pyrite, Galena and Hematite or very soft stones as Angalite, Selenite, Halite and Sulphure. - Place your Crystal on a Quartz Cluster. Highly recommended for Crystals and gems set in Jewelry. - Place your crystal in the sunshine or the moonlight. Some crystals may lose color if kept out in direct sunlight for too long (mostly the Quartz family). - Bury the Crystal in the ground. In cases when the crystal has absorbed a lot of negativity this method is recommended. In extreme cases leave the crystal there. - Place the Crystal among flowers. Leave he Crystals for as long as you feel right Please note! Salt, salt water and “still” water in a bowl, are not recommended.
Can other people touch my Crystal?
I have come across many people who believe that it is forbidden for anyone else to touch their crystals. Well, there is no reason for that. Think about it: If some one you feel good with, someone who’s energies are lovely, touched you Crystal, then why purify? The crystal has absorbed energies that you feel good with. But if someone touches your crystal and you feel bad about it, make sure you purify it. You may find that when someone reaches to touch your pendant, you will step back or cover the pendant with your hand intuitively without thinking. It means that the energies of that person are not good for you. On the other hand, if you feel good about the energies of the one who touches your stone, there is no reason to cleanse. Sometimes the energy of people with whom you feel good may even make the crystal more powerful for you. Many tell us, that looking at the crystals we sell, one can feel that we really love them. They sense it is not a commercial place and therefore often use the crystals without immediate cleaning.
What if my Crystal brakes?
Sometimes a crystal may crack or break, just like that, for no reason. It seems as if Crystals often break when they complete their work of “taking” something powerful into themselves. Taking it in, instead of us or for us. Many have experienced the brake of a black Tourmaline during an accident that seamed real bad yet there was no physical damage. People have found physical or emotional relief after their Crystal had broken. Sometimes a Crystal may “split its self“ in half: As I see it, the split may mean that you should place each part somewhere else or give the one part to someone else so that you have an inner connection by sharing parts of the same Crystal. In any event, if a crystal breaks, listen to your intuition. If you feel bad about it, bury it in a plant or in a garden. If it does not bother you – keep it.
Are crystals connected to the birth signs?
Throughout history stones have been connected to different periods of the year. Eventually this was used to connect precious stones to the months of the year and later to birth dates. In my opinion and to my feeling, it makes no sense: Not all the people born on the same date, need the same Crystal and more so: We go through many changes during our life. Today we are not who we were a few years ago and not as we will be in a few months from now: So it makes no sense that we “need” the same Crystal always. However, The use of crystals according to dates of the birth was prevalent in Europe during the 18th century. There are many different lists as regards to stones and their months. In total, each sign has many different Crystals connected to it and many Crystals are connected to more than one sign. For those who insist, below is a partial list of crystals according the astrological signs: Capricorn: Amber, Amethyst, Carnelian, Fire Agate, Garnet, Tourmaline, Labradorite, Peridot, Ruby, Sapphire. Aquarius: Aquamarine, Chrysoprase, Labradorite, Lapis, Opal. Pisces: Amethyst, Aquamarine, Chrysoprase, Fluorite, Tourmaline, Labradorite, Opal, Moonstone Aries: Amethyst, Carnelian, Agate Fire, Garnet, Tourmaline, Topaz. Taurus: Aquamarine, Emerald, Kunzite, Lapis, Rose Quartz, Sapphire Gemini: Agate, Chrysocolla, Chrysoprase, Sapphire, Topaz Cancer: Chrysoprase, Emerald, Tourmaline, Moonstone, Opal, Rhodochrosite. Leo: Amber, Carnelian, Citrine, Agate fire, Garnet, Tourmaline, Ruby, Topaz. Virgo: Amazonite, Amber, Carnelian, Chrysocolla, Citrine, Sapphire Libra: Aquamarine, Emerald, Kunzite, Moonstone, Opal, Peridot, Tourmaline, Sapphire Scorpio: Aquamarine, Emerald, Garnet, Tourmaline, Malachite, Agate, Topaz, Ruby, Moonstone, Obsidian Sagittarius: Amethyst, Azurite, Labradorite, Lapis, Tourmaline, Ruby, Sodalite, Topaz.
What are the clear faceted Crystals that are hang in space – used by Feng Shui?
The beautiful very clear and accurate faceted Crystal, used mostly in decorative mobiles or on red string, often hung in spaces between windows and doors – are high quality glass. They are manmade and are not Crystals – as we define them: They were not formed by nature in the depth of the earth and therefore, do not have the quality of the Quartz. The color brake however (due to the faceted cutting) , provides joy and is great according to the Feng Shui
What about Crystal and gem mining and fair trade?
Most countries, worldwide, are fully aware and have the knowledge about all local mining. The governments protect the miners by creating regulations to do with the process of mining as well as trading. - Some countries do not allow buyers from the west, to buy direct from mines, so that local people can trade in the small towns and make their profit. - In some of the Countries, locals have the access to mines. They mine the Gems and then are free to sell. So each person or often family, can work as much as they would like.
Is the Crystal and Gem mining fair to mother earth?
I believe that the Crystals were created in order for us to Enjoy them: To enjoy the beauty and benefit from the power. However, Government have regulations and supervise the quantity mined, which if often small. Metal mines are usually large and the quantity mined is high and may have an effect on nature, who usually re builds its self.

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