Baby Amber Necklaces

It has been found that Babies who’s parents choose to provide them with the gift of am Amber necklace, do not suffer (sometimes at all, sometime less) from teething.  They sleep better, no high fever or pain.

The Amber necklaces have been worn by babies in eastern Europe for centauries and are getting mor and more popular world wide

Why Anber, and how?

‎Amer is the fossil resin of a tree. The resin is produced by the tree in order to heel its wounds. So the Amber is actually a healing material. Just as the tree knows how to heal its self, it allows us to do the same. Therefore the Amber is great for physical healing . Specially to rid toxins.
Wearing the Amber allows us to be flexible to ourselves and allow the healing prosses.
Amazing for easing pain of teething.‎ Probably because it allows the teeth to come out, as the tree allows the risen to come out. With flexibility



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