A Pendulum Is used to provide answers to questions and to diagnose physical problems. The general shape of the pendulum looks like the shape of a drop. There is a sharp point facing down with a string attached to the top so that it can be held conveniently.

When working with the pendulum it is important to be calm and comfortable. Hold the string between your fingers, keep your hand very steady. First, ask the pendulum if it is ready to answer your questions, you may ask vocally or silently.

The pendulum will start moving. Ask what shall be the sign  for “yes” and what will be the sign  for “no”. The pendulum usually moves back and forth or in circles. Now, you may ask questions, making sure there are only yes-no answers.

Any type of pendulum may be used for this goal:
– Metal: The advantage of the Metal is that they do not absorb energies, so     no real need to purify if used during sessions.
Also, the relatively high wight makes it easer to control.
– Wood: The advantage of the wood is that they do not absorb energies,
so no real need to purify if used during sessions.
– Crystal: The advantage is it being a Crystal!

Some people use the pendulum when they find it hard to choose a crystal. They hold the pendulum over a selection of crystals and wait for it to move. Others simply walk round a crystal shop holding the pendulum and stop to look when it starts moving.

There are methods of healing that use the pendulum to locate blockages and problems. The healer moves the pendulum over the patients body, when it starts moving it might indicate a problem. As the Quartz easily absorbs energy, a different type of pendulum is recommended.

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