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The Secrets Of Crystals

This book was written by Shani Toder, the owner of StoneAge, when she was “new” to the Crystal world. The knowledge is a combination of several books and some experience.

The newer books, 3 different ones, are much higher spiritually due to the real experience and connection. Unfortunately, have not been translated.

Yet, people find all the needed info in this book and love it!

The book was originally written in Hebrew by Shani Toder, an anthropologist working with crystals since 1989, and is now in its third printing.

The book contains over 350 high quality photographs of crystals. They all have general explanations as to their use, how they affect our lives, historical background with stories of personal experiences with the stones. Along with the qualities of each stone we have also added gemological information, chemical composition, hardness and structure.

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