23 בMay 2023

What are Crystals?

Before reading the info on this site, it is important to understand the meaning of the term “crystal “. Many people ascribe the term of crystal, […]
23 בMay 2023

Find your Crystal

The best way to choose your stone is intuition. Have added a list for those who need a stone for a propose Abdomen – Serpentine (India), […]
23 בMay 2023

The Influence of Crystals

How Do Crystal work? The effect of the crystals is due to the inner formation which is accurate and tight and verifies according to the combination […]
13 בMay 2023

How Do I Choose my Crystal?

Intuition, Intuition and Intuition. Choosing a Crystal should be simple. The best is to flow with your heart.  No thinking or reading. Why? When you allow […]
23 בFebruary 2023

Which Crystal is for…..

The Crystals according to physical, mental and spiritual needs. Character quality and desires. The definition of each situation or disease may include a number of different […]
17 בJuly 2022

Crystals: Colors and Chakras

Chakra is an energy center meaning a wheel or circuit that rotates on its axis. According to cultures in the Far East, our body structure is […]
17 בJuly 2022

Crystals that Disappear or brake

You might find that your very special Crystal, always near you, simply disappeared. This means, that the Crystals has probably completed its work with you and […]
17 בJuly 2022

Do we need to believe? Autosuggestion

The Crystals have an effect on us. No need to believe, but simply to accept. To allow. The amazing effect on Children, Dogs and Cats as […]
17 בJuly 2022

Crystals as Gifts

Giving a Crystal is a gift of love and mostly very welcomed. When you buy a Crystal for another, think about that person and listen to […]
17 בJuly 2022

Polished Crystals

Crystals are polished in different shapes for design, beauty and for different uses to do with healing and “New Age” activities. Polished Crystals are also found […]
17 בJuly 2022

Crystals and Jewelry

Many people choose Crystal based jewelry in order to benefit from the qualities of the Crystals. When set in jewelry the gemstone keeps its healing qualities, […]
17 בJuly 2022

Crystals In your Home

Placing crystals in the home, in the office or in any place one spends time, may provide the atmosphere of peace and harmony. Many have found […]
13 בJuly 2022


Throughout history Crystals and gems have been connected to different periods of the year. Eventually this was used to connect precious stones to the months of […]
13 בJuly 2022

Purifying the Crystals

The stones you buy have traveled a long way until they finally came into your possession. Beginning with the miners, and dealers at the mine and […]
13 בJuly 2022

Qualities of the stones in short

ABALONE – PAUA SHELL Provides a feeling of happiness and fun. Strengthens bones and heart, energizes and revives the body when needed. Provides protection from negative […]
13 בJuly 2022

Using the Crystals

Since the effect of Crystals on us, is due to the balance it provides, In order to enjoy the effect, its important for the Crystal to […]
13 בJuly 2022

A Short History

Humanity has been fascinated and drawn to the beauty of the stones since the beginning of civilization. Archaeological findings from different places all over the world […]


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