Water Bottles, Roller Massage & Pipes

The water bottles:
When we place Crystals in Our water, the energies transform to the water and therefore may have an effect on our health, depending on the properties of the Crystal.
Our water bottle’s have a glass separation between the Crystals and the water: The advantages is that we may choose many kinds of Crystal and there is no risk of swallowing or damaging a tooth.
You may choose any of the following Chrystal’s (included in the price of the bottle) or, place your own Crystals. You may change or combine:

Peridot: Happiness and Joy
Amazonite: Friendship. Balance of Give and receive.
Moonstone Rainbow: Connection to the inner chilled. Inner joy
Labradorite: Creativity. Joy. Release of perfectionism
Citrine: The abundance Crystal. Physically: Bladder and kidneys
Amethyst: Intuition. Eases migraines and headaches. Addiction withdrawal
Iolite: Clear thought, therefore may ease headaches
Quartz: General Purification

* All bottle’s come in a box with a special case to keep safe
* Metal bottles have place for herbs
* Wooden bottles have a string to carry, on the top
* Total Hight of bottle:  Metal 23.5 Cm. Width: 6-6.5 Cm
Wood: 24.5 Cm.
* Wight of empty bottle: 0.615 Kg


The rollers
Made of natural Crystals, used to smooth the skin or as part of a massage.
Recommended to use after placing serum or night cream. Roll gently from the inner part of face- out. The small edge is for under the eyes

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