Bracelets are a perfect way to keep the Crystal near so that you can enjoy the effect on your balance in all Levels.
You can choose to combine 2 or more different kinds, if it feels right. Listen to your inner feeling

There are basically 4 kinds of bracelets, all made of natural Crystals:

  • Chips (Small semi polished beads).
  • Beans – tumbled: mostly longish.
  • Spheres: Relatively Large beads (8 mm) round.
  • Facet (polished with edges) – most facet are with a silver clasp.Please noteOur bracelets are low in price thanks to the rubber wire (except for those with a silver clasp), so they may be torn if too tight or worn non stop.

    To keep your bracelet safe
    , its recommended to remove when showering or during activity that might harm the wire.
    If to tight or to big, or just to keep stronger, its recommended to re-string and add a clasp.Sometimes, the bracelet might come apart for spiritual reasons. Listen to your inner feeling, if to fix, if to buy a new of the same kind or to simply  say “Thank you” to the Crystals.We can not replace torn bracelets

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