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Mostly crystallizes as clusters. The green Apophyllite is rare. ‎Sometimes the points are tiny and have a very strong shade ‎of green, and are crowded, so that the white base is not ‎seen. Those are the most unique pieces, and they are ‎amazing!‎
There are often other kinds of minerals that crystallize on to ‎the Apophyllite surface (Gyrolite, Stibnite and others). ‎
Connects to the inner child. To inner peace.‎
Stimulates the awareness of contact between the physical ‎condition and the spiritual reality. Provides a contact to ‎higher dimensions of life. Enables understanding and acting ‎according to the truth of a situation. Stimulates careful ‎analysis of situations. Provides a clear contact to the ‎physical body during astral travel and enables conscious ‎awareness of the transmission of information received. ‎Increases intuitive vision.‎


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