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Baby Amber Bracelet


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Amber‏ ‏is ancient fossilized resin. Since the tree produces ‎resin in order to heal its own wounds – the resin actually has ‎healing qualities as well as the message that we can heal ‎ourselves. Also for physical flexibility specially to do with ‎healing.
The Amber eases the pain of baby teething and therefore ‎worn by babies worldwide. Parents have reported that the ‎teething proses became easy thanks to the Amber necklace.‎

All Necklaces that are made for babies bare long enough not ‎to choke yet not to long that may be caught on something. ‎Each bead is separately tied so that baby can not spread ‎them (and try to eat them). The clasp is hard to open so that ‎baby can not open. ‎


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