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Chemical composition: CaPdFeS
Color: Dark brown. Some have a rainbow effect (shine of ‎many colors on the dark surface). ‎
Origin: U.S.‎
H: 5‎
Typical structure: Round somewhat like a squeezed ball. ‎Rough surface.‎
The general shape reminds some people of a spaceship. The ‎Boji rises from the depths of the earth when it rains. ‎
Contains Pyrite and Palladium, a powerful curing mineral ‎and therefore very good for physical strengthening and ‎pains. Strengthens and purifies the aura. ‎
An interesting experiment was made when people had their ‎aura photographed, then held a Boji for twenty minutes ‎after which their aura was photographed again. Significant ‎differences in the aura were found. ‎
Many people feel the great power of the Boji, that balances, ‎eases pain and provides happiness.‎‏ ‏
There are two slightly different types of Boji: One kind is ‎very smooth and therefore taken as a female while the other ‎has some or many small crystallizations on it and therefore ‎taken as a male. The use of a pair is incredible for balancing. ‎Hold the male in your weaker hand and the female in the ‎stronger hand. Move the stones gently towards each other, if ‎they are a pair you will feel the pull between them. If ‎however you do not get that feeling, change the direction of ‎one of them and try again. ‎
You do not have to use a pair, one will also do the work. ‎The Rainbow Boji (with many colors on it) also has the ‎qualities of happiness‏ ‏
This is one of the most powerful stones I have experienced. ‎May ease and cure different pains all over the body. May ‎ease dizziness. Recommended to keep nearby after ‎operations.‎


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