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Cabushon Cats eye Chrysoberyl


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Increases personal power, intellect and aspiration to be the ‎best. Encourages spirituality and strengthens the seventh ‎chakra. Strengthens relationships and generosity.‎

Cats Eye
A phenomenon that appears on the Chrysoberyl seen only ‎when polished as Cabochon. The Chrysoberyl Cats Eye is ‎the original Cats Eye. ‎
Was used to cure eye problems in many cultures. Also used ‎to repel the evil eye. In Asia it was believed to make the ‎person wearing it, invisible to enemies. In Sri Lanka was ‎
used for protection against witches. Other cultures believed ‎it kept away melancholia, and increased the flow of money.‎
In ancient Jewish writings the Chrysoberyl is mentioned as a ‎unique powerful Crystal that provides protection, prevents ‎poverty, improves ones economic situation and brings ‎happiness and luck. For this reason the original Cat Eye ‎‎(Chrysoberyl) is very popular among the more religious ‎Jews. ‎
Represents happiness, affluence and luck. Stimulates ‎intuition. Increases spiritual awareness. Provides protection ‎from negative energies especially those coming from people ‎who are envious. May help improve eyesight‏ ‏


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