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Cabushon Labradorite


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Also known as “temple of stars”. At first glance seems dark. ‎When looked at in light the many colors are seen. This ‎quality enables healers to work with an invisible reality while ‎purifying energies. ‎
A Crystal of duality that guards and allows one to ‎comprehend the life one chose. Helps to transform intuitive ‎thinking into intellectual thinking and therefore eases ‎intuitive functioning.‎

Great for releasing the need for perfection – and therefore ‎great for creativity and getting on with new ideas – for ‎those that the need thing to be “perfect”. ‎
Recommended‏ ‏for those interested in the “unknown”. ‎Increases telepathy and‏ ‏magic. Amplifies happiness, joy, ‎conviviality and a sensation of security. Eases tension and ‎pressure. ‎
May help treat brain problems while strengthening the ‎intellect. Eases headache when the cause is over detail work ‎that in order to get to “the perfect”.‎


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