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Cabuson Cats eye Alexandrite


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Changes colors according to the kind of lighting. In natural ‎lighting (daylight) will be seen as green while in synthetic ‎lighting will be seen as red if high quality or gray if lower ‎quality. ‎
Was first found in Russia, 1830. Gained recognition during ‎the time of Prince Alexander the second and therefore was ‎named after him. In the Far East was thought to bring good ‎luck. ‎
Combines the third eye, heart and base chakras. Highly ‎recommended during astral travel. Increases creativity. ‎Helps to keep centered. Strengthens self-esteem and ‎increases ability to enjoy happiness. May align mental, ‎physical and etheric bodies while providing emotional ‎balance. ‎
May ease problems in the nervous system and those ‎connected to leukemia‏.‏


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