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Cabuson Jade nefrite


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There are 2 Crystals named Jade: no connection between ‎them. So the one is known as Nefrite and the other as ‎Jadedite.

Due to the hardness of the Crystal, many ancient cultures ‎used it to make tools for work and war. Later on, the Crystal ‎became valuable and was used to make various religious ‎symbols that led to a rich mythology about the Crystal.‎
The use of Jadeite by the Chinese began towards the end of ‎the 18th century when it was made the official Crystal of the ‎kingdom. ‎

Known as the “dream Crystal”. Enables learning through ‎dreams, encourages physical understanding of dreams. ‎
Beams love, courage, chastity, justice and wisdom. Reduces ‎negativity. Increases ability of expression. Balances the heart ‎emotionally. Heals, purifies and provides comforting energy. ‎Provides endurance and peacefulness when worn. Calms ‎and may bring one to a level where the body may heal ‎itself. Increases flexibility.‎
Strengthens the heart, the kidneys and the immune system. ‎May heal the eyes and can help deal with mental problems. ‎
Helps purify the blood. Encourages long life‏. ‏


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