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Chalcedony grape


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The origin of the name is probably an ancient port in Turkey. ‎Archaeologists found products made out of Chalcedony ‎dated 500 BC. In many cultures it was considered a ‎powerful cameo. Greeks in the third and fourth centuries, ‎wore Chalcedony in order to prevent drowning. Was used to ‎keep away diseases passed from invisible powers during the ‎‎18th century. In Burma it was believed that good and evil ‎spirits lived in their cameo hammers made out of ‎Chalcedony and they ascribed bad luck to these spirits. ‎

Increases dreaming. Amplifies goodwill and provides ‎happiness and joy. Decreases negative attitude and eases ‎depression. May be used as a mental balancer.‎


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