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Facet Quartz super seven


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Transparent with Rutiles in different colors. ‎
Also known as Cacoxinit. ‎
The colors of the Rutiles are usually gray, black, brown and ‎purple. Sometimes contains Rutiles in seven different colors ‎therefore known as Supper Seven, and connected to all ‎seven chakras. ‎
Helps to except people or events that may come across our ‎way, in a positive attitude and allow them to advance us. ‎
Purifies and provides energy. Activates wisdom and ‎strengthens intuition. Helps understand the depth of ‎thoughts and events. May help think of ideas and solutions. ‎
Provides inner and personal power to cope with different ‎situations. Eases inner understanding and helps express and ‎‎“bring out” from deep within. ‎


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