Facet Ruby


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The Ruby is the red Corundum. The origin of the name is ‎Latin meaning: red. In Sanskrit, an ancient Indian language, ‎the Ruby is named “Hatnarge” meaning king of the Crystals.‎
A Crystal of happiness that keeps love relationships. ‎Provides economic as well as general stability. For inner ‎power and strength. ‎
Also known as the fertility Crystal, so highly recommended ‎for women who want to fall pregnant. Eases pregnancy and ‎
keeps the mother and fetus healthy. Many women with ‎fertility problems, finally fell pregnant when wearing a Ruby ‎‎(best worn as a ring or bracelet). Some of them after ‎unsuccessful medical fertility treatments kept the Ruby ‎during the following treatment which was successful. ‎

Star ruby ‎
A Ruby with a star phenomena. ‎
Provides inner feeling of prosperity. When worn may ‎provide an inner spark reflecting outwards‎


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