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Facet Tourmaline


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The Tourmaline has a wonderful, pleasant energy.‎
Provides emotional piece and growth, self confidence and ‎emotional protection. Provides a wonderful sensation of ‎love, both self love and love of others.‎

Tourmaline Watermelon and Bi color ‎
Combination of two different colors mostly green and pink. ‎
For emotional balance and growth. Great for the balance ‎between receiving and giving on the emotional level.‎
Watermelon ‎
One of the most amazing Crystals! The outline is a narrow ‎green while the center is red with a few small black dots. ‎
Provides a wonderful sensation of self love and love for ‎others. Teaches to give but also to accept love. At the same ‎time it protects from being emotionally hurt. May help one ‎realize the reason for problems in relationships. ‎
Strengthens the heart.‎

Tourmaline Blue. ‎
Helps life flow more easily. Improves communication, ‎especially when emotional. Calming. Increases telepathic ‎ability. Makes it easier to understand and explain your ideas ‎and thoughts to others. ‎

Green Tourmaline
Helps develop feelings of love and renews creativity.‎
Strengthens and calms. Clears emotional thoughts. Teaches ‎to receive for others and to give only when feels right. ‎


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