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Fossile Ammonite


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Ammonite is a Fossil of a shell in the shape of a slug in which a tiny ‎creature lived millions of years ago. First appeared on the ‎earth 400 million years ago, and was destroyed 65 million ‎years ago. When sliced in the center, a beautiful slug shape ‎is discovered. The general form is a spiral diminishing ‎towards the center. The spiral is divided into separately ‎attached areas. Sometimes these areas are hollow and ‎sometimes filled with Calcite, Aragonite or other minerals. ‎Some rare ones have Pyrite. The slug shape is one of the ‎basic proportional shapes in geometry. ‎
Provides stability and a framework for life and assists in ‎finding ones correct path. It is recommended for people who ‎work in construction. Great for new beginnings. For stability ‎yet flow.‎
The rainbow effect adds joy and ability to accept events in a ‎positive way.‎

May ease the birth‏ ‏process.‎


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