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The Garnet is a group containing many sub groups: Pyrope, ‎Almandine, Spessartine, Grossular, Andradite, Uvarovite.‎
The origin of the name is Latin meaning “many seeds”, was ‎given due to its resemblance to pomegranate seeds. ‎
Since the color of the Red Garnet resembles blood, in the ‎past it was used to stop hemorrhages and cure infections.‎
The Garnet group includes many different kinds of Garnet.

Strengthens self-confidence and is recommended to people ‎who always tend to criticize. Known as the “Crystal of ‎commitment” because it strengthens determination‏ ‏and ‎devotion to a cause or goal, to other people and to self-‎obligation. Great for combination of flow and stricter at the ‎same time.‎
Affects the first chakra and the nerves along the spine. ‎Eases shoulder and back pains. In case of backaches, it is ‎recommended to paste a number of small Crystals on the ‎painful area. For shoulder pains wear as a necklace ‎
Strengthens, purifies and provides renewed energy to the ‎body, especially to the blood system. May help heal the ‎mucous glands.‎

Pink – Magenta:‎
For connection the the inner child and self love. For inner ‎strength.
For balance and strength of the emotional heart: To do with ‎the relationship with other people – the balance between ‎receiving and giving.‎
For connection to inner power and strength.‎


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