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Key Chain dark Quartz generator


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A quartz that has been treated to be ass smoky

In the past it was believed that Quartz Crystals were eternally frozen water.

Purifies and provides energy to the physical, emotional and mental bodies and unites them into spiritual energy. Strengthens the power of other Crystals and purifies them. Stimulates development of the third eye and contributes to the development of awareness.

Transparent clear Quartz can amplify and purify thoughts. It absorbs energy and can transfer the energy to your inner self. Amplifies feelings and therefore not advised to hold

during difficult physical and mental times. However, by amplifying, it helps bring out what needs to be revealed though it may make things difficult at.

Since the Quartz may absorb thoughts, it may be used for achieving desires and may help score higher marks in exams. Hold the Quartz in your hand while meditating or simply look at it and reflect your desire into it, knowing that it will help. Hold it while studying for exams and look at it while you are memorizing. Place it on your table during the exam. Look at it, hold it, you may “take out” the knowledge you “put in” while you were studying.




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