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Mica Lepidolite


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Often in combination with Mica: Sometimes the Mica comes ‎as small pieces of shiny silver color and sometimes the whole ‎structure is of Mica: Many very thin layers “stuck” to each ‎other in a way that separate easily to thin paper like layers.‎
Brings balance between the heart and the head enabling an ‎emotional and mental balance that brings stability. Eases ‎issues bothering the heart and the mind and therefore is ‎calming. Combines Lithum so balances an over active mind, ‎clearing the head of thoughts. Therefore recommended for ‎people who think too much or people who have sleeping ‎problems, especially those who do not fall asleep because ‎they cannot clear their minds. ‎
May help cure muscles, strengthen the heart and influence ‎the blood positively. ‎


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