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Formed by condensed rock vapors after being hit by a ‎meteorite. Therefore considered a glass meteor. Also known ‎as Bouteille Crystal or water Chrysolite. The quantity ‎available is relatively small. Found in small pieces only.‎
A powerful New Age Crystal. Since it is particularly ‎powerful, for those holding it for the first time, it is ‎recommended to hold it for a short time. ‎
‎ Helps align with the higher self. Directs channeling and ‎serves as a powerful tool for spiritual development, and ‎awareness. People describe this Crystal as holding very high ‎energies sometimes felt as heat. The high energies of this ‎Crystal may open and clean blockages in each one of the ‎chakras. Each individual senses the energy in a different ‎way. Balances and heals the physical body and the brain.‎
Some of the Moldavites, have a special metallic tone when ‎lightly dropped on a glass platform. This kind is rare and has ‎
extra qualities of increasing the ability to receive messages ‎during meditation. Their energy is very pure and clean. It is ‎wonderful for spiritual development‏. ‏


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