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Amorphous. Consisting of a high percentage of water ‎Therefore connected to high emotional balance and healing. ‎Sometimes, may be over emotional. The water within, causes ‎play of color through light and connects to happiness, inner ‎joy and creativity.‎

There are many legends told about this Crystal, which keep ‎many people away from it. The stigma that it received in ‎Australia was blamed on traders who spread negative stories ‎about the Opal in order to lower the price of the rough Opals. ‎The attempt did not really work, and the Opal is now ‎considered a good luck Crystal in Australia.‎
It increases feelings, so that if you are not sure of yourself or ‎your judgment, the Opal might increase this feeling and cause ‎stress. For this reason the Opal is not recommended for young ‎people ‎
who are generally more sensitive. Since the Opal causes ‎expression of inner feelings, for those who hold in their ‎feelings, it may cause physical or mental unease.‎
For those who are open and assertive this Crystal will provide ‎happiness, joy, perseverance and confidence. It strengthens ‎the awareness of feelings and intuition. ‎
When a person is ill, the color of the Opal may change.‎


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