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Pendulum Faceted Black Tourmaline


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The most powerful Crystal for protection: prevents being ‎effected by energies that are not right for us. This is ‎especially so for energies coming from people who are ‎envious and probably do not mean to harm, but do so by ‎simply thinking of how much better someone else is, or how ‎lucky the other person might be. ‎
Recommended for healers as protection from energies they ‎might receive from people they treat. Can help those who ‎feel bad in crowded places. Keep near you and when ‎needed hold in your hand. Make sure you wash it with ‎running water after coming across someone you may feel has ‎had a negative influence on you. ‎
It is a basic Crystal for the first chakra. Helps keep ‎grounded while “anchoring” the self in the physical body.‎
People who suffered from the effects of negative energies ‎kept the Black Tourmaline near them and felt it really ‎helped. A number of people recounted that every time they ‎left a place that they regularly visited, something unpleasant ‎happened to them. Holding the black Tourmaline in the ‎hand solved the problem‎


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