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Pendulum Faceted Quartz


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In the past it was believed that Quartz Crystals were ‎eternally frozen water. ‎
Purifies and provides energy to the physical, emotional and ‎mental bodies and unites them into spiritual energy. ‎Strengthens the power of other Crystals and purifies them. ‎Stimulates development of the third eye and contributes to ‎the development of awareness. ‎
Transparent clear Quartz can amplify and purify thoughts. It ‎absorbs energy and can transfer the energy to your inner ‎self. Amplifies feelings and therefore not advised to hold ‎
during difficult physical and mental times. However, by ‎amplifying, it helps bring out what needs to be revealed ‎though it may make things difficult at.‎
Since the Quartz may absorb thoughts, it may be used for ‎achieving desires and may help score higher marks in exams. ‎Hold the Quartz in your hand while meditating or simply ‎look at it and reflect your desire into it, knowing that it will ‎help. Hold it while studying for exams and look at it while ‎you are memorizing. Place it on your table during the exam. ‎Look at it, hold it, you may “take out” the knowledge you ‎‎“put in” while you were studying. ‎
Recommended to place on computers and microwaves, may ‎diminish the negative effect. ‎


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