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Quartz cluster


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A surface, mostly rock type, with many terminated ‎generators of different sizes, crystallizing in many ‎directions. Some Clusters have a very thin surface or no rock ‎surface. ‎
The different generators reflect light and energy flowing ‎back and forth from one to the other and creating powerful ‎purifying and healing vibrations. This Quartz is ‎recommended to purify areas. Place it in the center of a ‎room or house that needs purification or when you occupy a ‎new house. ‎
In the clusters, the many generators purify each other. It is ‎recommended to place under running water and under the ‎sun or the moonlight when one feels it needs cleaning.‎
The cluster is excellent for purifying other Crystals ‎especially jewelry, simply by placing the Crystals between ‎the many generators.‎
Recommended for people who deal with many things at the ‎same time. It will help them to do better and feel better with ‎themselves. The cluster symbolizes harmony and unity and ‎therefore has the ability to teach one how to live in harmony. ‎Recommended for group use, crew work and togetherness. ‎


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