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Salt light: bowl with crystals


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A bowl carved from natural Himalayan salt with pieces of Crystals lighted.
The picture is with Fluorite

Salt was always known to have a positive effect on health. The air is charged with positive and negative particles, and both ions are important for our well being. Yet we spend the majority of our time in closed spaces exposed to commuters, air conditioning, unnatural lighting and many electrical machines. All these increase the positive ions in the air causing stress, tiredness, asthma and much more. Salt, just like water, contains negative ions which are introduced into the air when heated. One feels calm when standing near a water source (water falls, the ocean, lakes or even a shower or bath) – the Salt lamps have the same effect.

They provide harmony and peacefulness. They effect our emotional well being, they cleanse, relax, soothe and are great for romance. The salt lamps are also very effective in releasing allergies, breathing problems, asthma, insomnia and more.

Recommended to place in offices, healing rooms, bed rooms and living rooms. The lamps are made of salt 250 million years old mined in the Himalayas


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