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Aquamarine on Quartz / Fledsphar


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‎ A natural Aquamarine on the base it was formed

The combination is for the ability to accept events or people that appear.  For cleansing communication

The Aquamarine  :

The origin of the name is Greek meaning: Sea water,  given ‎for its color.‎
During the Middle Ages the Aquamarine was used to ‎predict the future. It was believed that holding it in the ‎mouth helped bring spirits who answered questions. It was ‎also believed that wearing an Aquamarine provided strength ‎to overcome any weakness. Water in which the Crystal was ‎placed, served to treat eye problems, hiccups and illness ‎connected to breathing. Its color made it a symbol of ‎happiness and youth.‎
For inner calm and calm yet strong communication. This ‎crystal May reduce feelings of embarrassment. Sharpens ‎mental purity. ‎


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