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Facet Amethyst


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The origin of the name is Greek and means “prevention from ‎drunkenness”. ‎
There were many beliefs to do with the Amethyst, which ‎was one of the first Crystals used by man. The Amethyst ‎was used to protect warriors and guarantee their conquest, ‎to cure hunters, protect against diseases, control bad ‎thoughts, strengthen intelligence and make its owner sharp ‎in business.‎‏ ‏
The Amethyst may help ease addictions such as alcohol, ‎cigarettes, sweets etc.
Balances the energy centers in the body. Helps to open the ‎third eye.‎
Clears the mind and promotes spiritual understanding. Helps ‎direct awareness releasing from negative thoughts and ‎focusing on deeper understanding. Good for meditation.‎
Provides a sense of‏ ‏courage, intuition and creativity. Eases ‎fears. Can helps reduce egoism. ‎‏ ‏
May help those who do not sleep well, decreases ‎nightmares.‎
Good for the metabolic system. Excellent for taking away ‎headaches ‎


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