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Key chain Agate dyed


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These colors are not natural in Agates. However people are ‎very attracted to them. The color is combined with white ‎
stripes or white parts of Quartz due to the chemical process ‎of dyeing. The color is absorbed by the original color ‎‎(mostly light brown or gray) but is not absorbed by the ‎white stripes, and the areas of clear Quartz. Since the dyeing ‎process is chemical, the color is permanent. However the ‎color may fade for the same reason that all natural Crystals ‎lose their color. ‎
The dyed Agates have the same effect as the basic Agate ‎plus the effect of the color.‎
Green: Inner calm
Blue: Communication
Pink: Love
Violet: Thought
Red; Energy


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