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Key chain Citrine


The Citrine was created purple – Amethyst.
A heat wave changed the color.
If the color changed, It means the inner structure changed.
So! Just as the Citrine went trough change, It has the same effect on us with anything that prevents us from connecting to Abundance
Its a  kind of Quartz.‎
The origin of the name: Lemon in French. ‎
The wealth and abundance Crystal. Increases self-confidence, ‎desire and creativity. Strengthens intellect and memory. ‎May help solve domestic or group problems. Efficient with ‎anything connected to education, business and relationships ‎with others. Therefore also known as the wealth or ‎abundance Crystal.  ‎
Increases affluence and helps retain it. Many people who ‎have had a Citrine for different reasons all connected to ‎money, found that keeping the Crystal or placing it at the ‎needed area really helped. Shops, salespersons and ‎businesses of different kinds, felt an increase in the work ‎coming in. Some who could not sell their house or car did so ‎after obtaining a Citrine. Others feel that when having a ‎Citrine in their wallet, there is always money in it. People ‎who really needed money for something important were ‎surprised to receive money from an unexpected source.‎
Provides energy. Stimulates, kidneys, liver and muscles. ‎Good for digestion


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