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This is one of the most ancient documented Crystals. Was ‎used throughout history due to the powerful healing and ‎transformational qualities. ‎
For people who feel very positive about themselves it may ‎be used as a powerful healer, mainly for the lower back. This ‎Crystal may be used for healing all chakras and throughout ‎the body. Strengthens and balances the brain. Improves ‎expression. Eases pains. ‎
Protects against accidents by absorbing the brunt of the ‎accident by cracking or breaking. ‎
People have related how their Malachite broke while holding ‎it. After a day or two, they were involved in an accident ‎where they were unhurt. The Crystal “took” the brunt of the ‎accident upon itself. ‎
Please see the beginning of the book for further examples.‎


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