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Pendulum Large Rose quartz with a Crystal on top


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Known as the love Crystal. Very popular due to the calm ‎delicate inspiration it provides. Helps with the ‎comprehension of love. Provides an energy of love and ‎cleans old emotional wounds while developing self-love. ‎Increases self-confidence, expression, creativity and the ‎feeling of being content. ‎
Many people seek a Crystal to help them find love. The ‎Rose Quartz may help since it has the ability to change what ‎one transmits sub consciously. Some people may be ‎beautiful yet transmit a message of “not interested in ‎relationships”. The Rose Quartz may change that. Helps ‎retain relationships, recommended to keep in the bedroom. ‎
Over the years I have found that the Rose Quartz, being the ‎love Crystal, may sometimes encourage ending a love ‎relationship that is not good for one. Some people, separated ‎from their lovers shortly after receiving a Rose Quartz. Later ‎on they understood that the relationship was not meant to ‎be, and were happy it ended when it did. ‎
Strengthens the heart, lungs, liver and kidneys.‎
In combination with Aventurine it eases the side effects of ‎chemotherapy treatments: Hold both Crystals, each in a ‎
different hand while receiving the treatment. Since the ‎Crystals absorb a lot, bury them and use a new set for the ‎next treatment. (please see “Using a crystal” section for an ‎example). ‎



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