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Facet Smoky quartz


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Connected to the tones of the universe, therefore increases ‎sensitivity to sound and the ability to absorb thoughts and ‎telepathic messages. Helps take sadden events that cause ‎change, in a positive way towards personal change. A basic ‎Crystal for the first chakra. Provides a physical sensation in ‎the body. Releases negative blockages and grounds energy ‎into the body. ‎
Increases creativity, happiness and emotional balance. ‎Strengthens and balances the sex gland.‎‏ ‏
Please note! There are Quartz clusters that have been treated ‎by radiation and as result they are black and sometimes sold ‎as Smoky Quartz. They are not! There is no problem with ‎heated Crystals but the radiated ones are not recommended. ‎The Black Quartz is easy to recognize as it is opaque and ‎looks almost like black paint. The Crystal has no life or shine ‎to it. ‎


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