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Named after J. Smithson (1754-1829) founder of the ‎Smithsonian Museum. Also known as Bonamitem. ‎
Misleading name: Aztec Crystal
Stimulates senses. Eases, comforts and tends to cure hard ‎‎“hits” that life has to offer. Provides comforting energy that ‎makes one pleasant and polite with personal charm. Provides ‎leadership ability. Increases physical strength and vitality. ‎May ease sinus problems, cures the skin and the digestive ‎system. May ease the problem of alcoholism. ‎
Holding a blue Smithsonite during the birth process may ‎ease the birth and later provide peace to the newborn while ‎easing its passage into our world.‎‏ ‏


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